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Who We Are

LadySystems developed the world’s first simple home-use pelvic floor therapy for women

LadySystems International is a pioneering biomedical research company which was established over 20 years ago.  Recognising the need for an effective solution to pelvic floor weakness and stress incontinence, we brought together R&D expertise with clinical experience in order to develop the world’s first effortless pelvic floor exercise therapy.  Working closely with a prominent European pharmaceutical company and in collaboration with eminent specialists from Cambridge and London Universities, we introduced the first version of our product in the late 1990’s.  Since then, we’ve continued to develop and improve it, as well as working to ensure that it becomes easily available to women throughout the world.


More than 20 years of researching in the field of women’s pelvic floor rehabilitation


Developing in collaboration with eminent specialists in gynaecology and urology


Our operating criteria exceed the requirements of all currently accepted international safety and quality standards
Our Essentials
  • Effectiveness

LadySystem is the simplest and most effective pelvic floor toning therapy available for women.  Success rates in clinical trials exceed 90%, and we maintain an active participation in clinical research. We’re also industry members of the International Continence Society.

  • Quality

The sensitive and intimate nature of its use dictates that our product is manufactured to  nothing less than the highest possible standards of quality and hygiene

  • Safety

Only the safest, most hypoallergenic materials are used in our product, and our quality control standards are second to none

  • Customer care

Our customers are the most important part of Ladysystems and that’s how we treat them. We respect them, we listen to them, and we take the best possible care of them

Our essentials