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LadySystem is much easier than time-consuming and complicated Kegel exercises, and produces quick and lasting results

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LadySystem is convenient and easy to use, either at home or at work, and leaves you free to get on with your other daily activities


LadySystem consists of a set of small tampon-like cones which are shaped so that they can be held comfortably in the vagina. The cone is held in place by the natural reflex contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, and the action of supporting the weight of the cone exercises the muscles. This gentle and automatic exercise makes your muscles a little stronger every day.

There are five cones, weighing from 5 to 55 grams, and you start with one you can support without any difficulty. You need to use the cone for 15-20 minutes twice a day.  As your pelvic floor muscles gradually become stronger, you’ll find you can use the next cone in the series.  You continue to progress in this way until you reach your personal maximum weight cone (not everyone needs to get to the No. 5 cone). As your muscles get stronger, your symptoms get lighter, and eventually they disappear completely.

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LadySystem helps you to achieve a fit and healthy pelvic floor, an essential for getting pleasure and fulfilment from your sex life


A fit and healthy pelvic floor is essential for getting the most pleasure and satisfaction from your sex life. Strong muscles are firmer, have more nerve endings, and a richer blood supply. All of these are essential for experiencing the fullest sensation during sex for both you and your partner.

So, when your pelvic floor is weak, for example after having babies or during menopause, you may find that having sex has become less satisfying. If you have more than one child, or if you went through a difficult birth, your pelvic floor is even more likely to be stretched and weak.  Many women are born with a weaker pelvic floor, which may weaken further when they have children.

Your partner may also have noticed the physical changes in you. 

Pelvic floor weakness doesn’t resolve on it’s own, so it’s important to deal with it by taking steps to re-strengthen your muscles.

LadySystem’s simple programme of exercises will help you to put things right quickly, by re- toning your pelvic floor so that you and your partner can once again enjoy lovemaking to the full. 

With a firm and toned pelvic floor, sexual arousal is speeded up and orgasms are easier to have. They’re also longer-lasting and more intense. You’ll find that tighter muscles make sex more pleasurable for both of you, helping you to have a much more satisfying and fulfilling intimate life.

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LadySystem is faster and has higher success rates than any other pelvic floor toning therapy


What sets LadySystem apart form other pelvic floor products is that it provides a full muscle workout but is virtually effortless to use.  Your muscles are in fact working, but because they’re performing involuntary contractions, they’re being exercised automatically

Doctors call this process neuromuscular biofeedback, and it’s so efficient and accurate precisely because you’re making a natural reflex action.  So it’s impossible to get it wrong.

You should hardly be aware of the presence of the cone, and using the correct cone will need you to make little or no effort to hold it in.  Nevertheless, you can be sure that your muscles are indeed performing the right exercise, because otherwise the cone would would fall out.



LadySystem has a preventive action too.  Used after having your baby, it restrengthens your pelvic floor so you can avoid symptoms right from the start

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LadySystem is completely discreet and private to use.  You can take it with you anywhere

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LadySystem is suitable for use at any age.  You’ll get excellent results whenever you start using it

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LadySystem is a completely safe and natural therapy with no associated side-effects. LadySystem has been extensively tested and has achieved consistently high success rates in clinical trials in major hospitals and medical centres